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Guzzetti was founded in 1970 by Mr. Natale Guzzetti

With his first patent: automatic core winding equipment patent

After that.

In 1979

His sons: Mario, Franco and Gabriele joined the company

The first automatic slitting machine came out and successfully entered the market

Guzzetti's experts continuously optimize the equipment to adapt it to all types of tapes and films

Guzzetti's success is due to its continuous technological innovation

Inject the most advanced slitter and rewinder manufacturing into the brand

Vision and ability of the president

Years of knowledge accumulation

There are also mergers and acquisitions of two other major businesses

After entering the new millennium

Guzzetti has become a leader in tape equipment manufacturing,

Not just Slitter equipment

And the design and manufacture of coater

And the design and manufacture of packaging machine

Thanks to our highly skilled technicians and dedicated marketing personnel, our equipment is very close to the market demand

And provide efficient after-sales service

Guzzetti can always provide the best solution to meet the needs of customers

Today, Guzzetti can provide better professional consultation and expertise to customers than before

To achieve Guzzetti's global leadership and become an outstanding example in the industry,

Perseverance and hard work are the real keys

Let's take a look at our products. The main products are Slitter, including ng series, CR series and Se series. All models perform well and are very reliable, almost maintenance free

Ng series is a fully automatic slitting machine. In the design and manufacturing, the best consideration is given to the needs of high production capacity and high reliability. Because of its flexibility, the equipment is easy to operate and the mold change time is short. Also: ng series products can be produced online with packaging machine

We are very proud to announce that because of our tireless exploration and continuous technological progress, our ng150t is the fastest Slitter in the world, with a maximum slitting speed of 600m / min and only 15 seconds to produce 50m rolls

CR series is a fully automatic slitting machine. It can work like a "clock" without sleep. It can withstand high load and rewind large rolls with a diameter of 600mm. She has great flexibility. It only needs small changes to change the mold, and the equipment can be connected with the packaging machine

Se is a semi-automatic slitting machine, and its price is very grounded, but its flexibility and reliability are the same as those of ng and Cr, and its quality and accuracy are the same as those of ng and CR series

In order to process various materials, the equipment can be equipped with up to 3 middle slitting systems and industrial knife, round knife and scissors systems, so it can produce PVC, ppl, cellophane, adhesive tape, double-sided tape, pipe tape and other tapes

In addition, we have a pressure roll system, and our solution makes the roll completely airless

As mentioned earlier, we can connect the slitting machine, packaging machine and packing machine online to optimize the production capacity of the automatic production line

Guzzetti not only produces slitting machines and packaging machines, but also our coating machines are famous all over the world. In the past 20 years, Guzzetti has accumulated rich experience in the coating field. Our coating machine is a strong competitor in the world market

Our coater includes water glue coating, solvent glue coating and hot melt glue coating

Before inviting you to visit our booth and answer your questions, I would like to emphasize that all our accessories and machines are processed in Italy to ensure the best quality for our customers. They are "made in Italy" as if they were fake and replaced

Thank you for your attention

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Filing No.:Hu ICP Bei No. 2021036123-1

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